Twitter Is A Content Marketing Platform

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Twitter Is A Content Marketing Platform

Twitter is a content marketing platform. It is fantastic for increasing brand engagement. As well as driving targeted users to your website. I will get into how to target those users on Twitter shortly. Your company should be publishing world class content or video on your blog. You should also be sharing that content and targeting people on Twitter that can enjoy it.

Tips for Better Twitter Engagement:

  • Publish your own unique content from your blog (yes there is SEO value in publishing) at least once a week. And for goodness sake’s use images in your tweets!
  • Tweet several times a day by tweeting our industry related content. It can be retweets, or sharing articles from other websites.
  • Motivational Quotes as images work well for increasing followers.
  • Use industry related hashtags for better engagement.
    • Think of hashtags, as being able to inject your content into an existing conversation. If people are looking for Tweets or stories in a certain niche, they will often search based on a “# search”.
      • Twitter is a virtual party. When you get invited into a party, you want to talk to people, and you want them to hear you. Using hashtags, allows you to “walk” up to any group of people and find out what they like to talk about. If they like the same things as you, then you want to continue talking to them. By utilizing hashtags you can let people know that your content is what they want to read or see.
    • Optimizing your link, or picture Tweet with optimized hashtags are essential. Let’s say your article is about home improvement. You would want to use hashtags such as: “#homeimprovement #homedesign #homerenovation”. This allows people the ability to find your content easier.

Finding Hashtags

  • One way I find hashtags that I want to use is by looking to see how long it has been since a certain hashtag has been used. If you search for “#SEO” you will see that it gets tweeted dozens to hundreds of times per hour. Hashtags that get tweeted often signals a larger conversation is at play.

Finding hashtags on Twitter

Twitter Cards

  • Use Twitter Cards. Twitter cards are amazing. They allow you to define a larger image in your tweet. Or other options within Twitter’s Development structure. I will drop a feature image code at the end of the article that you can use for your own Tweeting domination.

Twitter Automation

  • You can set up an easy ways to share content from your own blog or share other people’s content. Some of the most popular platforms are Buffer or Hootsuite.
  • Major Key Alert. You can use IFTTT to share your blog posts to your Twitter Account. I believe it is best to share your content on Twitter the traditional way. As you can use trending hashtags for that Tweet, to pull in more eyes and draw better engagement. So let’s see what is trending today on Twitter in the image below.

As you can see there are certain hashtags that are trending on Wednesdays. You would want to use those trending in your tweet to pull in as many eyes as possible. I use hashtags that are somewhat related to my content and message.

Why Your Company Should Be on Twitter- SEO Benefit

Twitter is a respected content marketing platform, that allows you to get a link to your website. Yes it is “no follow” but it is powerful in the sense that Google believes in Trust. Real companies (most of them anyway) use Twitter.

When you use social platforms to engage an audience, Google notices. Hint, they can see referral traffic. You can get real traffic and sales opportunities from engaging on Twitter. It does not have to be an all consuming thing. Schedule your tweets based on the best time for engagement for your industry. Your SEO Agency or social media team should be able to help you craft a plan that resonates with your business’ voice.

To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag?

Large brands that have a large Twitter following do not have to use hashtags to draw in views to tweets. Those companies and individuals still trying to build their audience still do.

To avoid being “muted” you should avoid using too many hashtags. 1-3 is a decent rule to play by. Use a branded hashtag. Then, use 1-2 other industry related or trending hashtags. It is important to build your branded hashtag for branding purposes. When starting to build your branded hashtag, search for that hashtag on Twitter first. If the hashtag is used by another company then change yours to something unique to your company.

Large brands with audiences built in could increase their engagement by not using hashtags. Sounds contrary to what I said earlier right? Well, large brands play by a different set of rules than the rest of us. To build your audience and increase engagement, you want to use hashtags.

Types of Twitter Cards

  • Summary Card-This will be the second most used card IMO. This card shows a summation of the article or post. Then, lists the 140 character limit tweet.
  • Summary Card With Large Image– Images grab people’s attention and increase CTR. This is my favorite card to use for blog posts and articles.
  • App Card-Download an app from a tweet. Designed to increase app downloads, and not just website visits.
  • Player Card– Video marketers, musicians and other AV producers. My second favorite card to use. Video gets massive engagement and this puts your video or audio front and center.

HTML Code for Larger Twitter Card Images:

<meta name=”twitter:card” content=”summary_large_image”>

<meta name=”twitter:site” content=”@sejourna”>

<meta name=”twitter:creator” content=”@sejourna”>

<meta name=”twitter:title” content=”Insert Title You Want to Show on Twitter”>

<meta name=”twitter:description” content=”Insert Description That is Engaging And Makes People Want to click through.”>

<meta name=”twitter:image” content=””>

**Important to note:

  • Replace my @sejournal with your own @TwitterHandle
  • Make sure to Fill in the Twitter Title Content as well as the Twitter Description content.
  • Replace my URL image with your own image url that you want to show in your Twitter timeline.

How to Get the Image URL for Twitter Card Features

In WordPress it’s pretty simple:

  • Click On Add Media.
  • Upload your image.
  • Copy and paste the image URL that you see.

Twitter can be a massive pain in the butt if you don’t do it right. Yet, when “done” correctly, it can increase your sales and even SEO value. You can get get visitors to your website. And even land sales from Twitter! So go out there and see what Twitter Cards work best for you. Share great content regularly, utilize trending hashtags, and win!


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