Why Is Keyword Research Essential for SEO

Alejandra VelazquezSEO

Why Is Keyword Research Essential for SEO

There’s no way around it: keyword research is the must-do first step of any healthy SEO practice.

You can maybe not focus so much energy on creating a lot of content or long blog posts. You may not even make videos or be that much active on every social platform. But whatever you decide to do, it requires some previous work which always include keyword research.

We could write an entire book about this topic, because there’s just so much to know and everyday the game changes. So we’ll do it one step at a time.

First, you need to learn why are keywords and keyword research essential for your SEO practices and optimization of your site.

What Are Keywords and Keyword Research?

Keywords are words that most people use to find stuff in search engines. They are keywords because they’re usually the preferred terms that people or audience from a particular niche use to find content that interest them.

Keywords are like a compass for your SEO campaigns: they tell you where to go and whether or not you’re making progress.


But what does that mean to your business?

It means that if you have an online pet store, you should do your research on what words do people who spend money online on pet supplies usually search for on search engines. Do people spend more money if they look for vaccination or if the look for flea treatment? Keyword research can not just help you stand out as one of the first results on Google, but can boost your sales too.

That’s because keywords will help you get in touch with your audience. If you manage to optimize your site with the keywords associated with your target audience, you will create a brand, your audience will engage more with you, and you’ll make yourself a name in the industry.

Why Are Keywords Important?

Keywords are the link between your content or business and your audience or clients. They are the way your readers will get to you in an organic way through the results of their search online. There lies the importance of good keyword research and niche determining.

Your content should be optimized with everything you do: titles, images, videos, posts, even social media like twitter and Instagram.

Your goal in ranking on search engines is to drive organic traffic to your site from the search engine result pages (SERPs), and the keywords you choose to target (meaning, among other things, the ones you choose to include in your content) will determine what kind of traffic you get.



What Should You Consider Before Doing Any Keyword Research?

Before getting yourself into keyword research tools and investing your money in paid services, you need to take a hard look at your brand or online business.

Probably the most important thing to do first is to find your niche. That means that you need to focus your content in one goal or topic. This will eventually require more research (look for our next post on keyword research to find out more), but first you need to broadly pick one niche.

A Niche Topic is a topic that your target customer is interested in.

In other words, this isn’t a specific keyword. It’s a broad topic.


To pick a niche you need to think about your business and define your style. This is essential before doing any further research because is the blueprint of your research itself. There’s no point in moving forward if you’re not yet sat down to decide your online path.

Your audience and potential clients will guide you through your SEO practices: from your medium to your keywords and content, first pick your niche, then do the rest.

Now you know why keywords are important to your SEO practices. Next, you’ll learn simple and free ways to do your keyword research. You will eventually find out why this practice is the most profitable of all SEO techniques.