How To Advertise On Instagram

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How To Advertise On Instagram

Instagram Advertising

Gone are the days where it is a must for a company to spend thousands if not millions of dollars to spread their message. With the surge in the popularity of social media platforms, people can now connect to almost anyone or any company with just a click of a button.

By utilizing social media marketing, businesses can now save tons of money reaching out to potential clients. However, there is a drawback; fewer costs mean more competition. It may be easy to advertise online, but it is easier to get buried by thousands of other ads online.

Of course, there are other methods of digital marketing, but nothing is as effective and cheap as social media marketing.

Instagram is a unique social media platform wherein interactions revolve around photos instead of words. It currently has 500 million active users, with 59% of those users accessing their accounts every single day. That results to 280 million potential clients for businesses worldwide. (1)

The website was founded in October 2010 and was acquired by Facebook way back on April 9, 2012 for a hefty one billion dollars. Hence, advertising in Instagram also takes place in Facebook’s Ads Manager. Instagram offers a simple process for those who would want to advertise on their platform.

It might have been one of the smartest things Zuckerberg ever did.
-Business Insider on Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition

Steps in Instagram Advertising

Advertising in Instagram is straightforward in a way that the process is very linear. This means that you only need to follow these few steps to get started: (2)

STEP 1: Create a Business Page and Profile

Companies who wish to advertise in Instagram are required to create a Facebook Page which they will connect with their Instagram account. The Instagram account they would use needs to be a Business account.

STEP 2: Set Up Your Ad

With the Facebook account you created, you will then access Facebook’s Ad Manager or Power Editor. Using these apps, the business can choose set the target audience they want for their advertisement. The user can choose their audience based on location, age group, interests and more.

So how do you choose between Ads Manager and Power Editor? They can both almost do the same things. However, Power allows users to manage advertisements by bulk. On the other hand, Ads Manager is more preferred by beginners since it’s easier to use. If you have multiple pages, then Power Editor may be your best bet.

STEP 3: Determine Your Budget

After setting up your ad and choosing your demographics, you then adjust the span of time Instagram would show your ad in members’ news feeds. You will also set the amount you are willing to spend in that span of time. Your budget will determine the number of people that would view the ad that you posted.

STEP 4: Publish

Finally, you can now publish your advertisement. Your ad will first be checked by Instagram if it follows the company’s policies. If it does, you will then be notified once your ad is up and running. Using you Ads Manager, you can then check the number of engagements your advertisement had.

According to Instagram’s website, they currently have 1 million active advertisers on their platform. This can be very intimidating to many businesses; however, you can assure your success if you follow the best Instagram marketing practices.

Instagram Partners

In 2015, Instagram partnered with dozens of marketing companies to help advertisers manage their ads better. By using Instagram Partners a business can personally choose pre-vetted marketing companies from three categories. (3)

They help solve a wide variety of business challenges—whether it’s driving more installs for a new mobile gaming app, or driving in-store foot-traffic during the holidays. We have partners available to help drive both brand and performance objectives across a wide range of businesses.


Instagram categorizes its partners in three different fields, namely, Ad Tech, Community Management, and Creative Platforms. Partners under the Ad Tech group are specialized in managing the technical side of Instagram advertising. They can help you plan, buy, and optimize your product campaigns.

Community management partners are experts in helping a company understand the Instagram community. They will help you find the best way to interact with you potential clients. Conversocial, Expion, HootSuite, and Momentfeed are some of the companies under this category.

Lastly, your business can hire Creative Platforms partners to help you synthesize attractive and meaningful contents. What’s the point of advertising if your clients cannot understand your message, right? Flashstock, Olapic, and Tongal are some examples of this category. (4)

There are some companies that fall under more than one category. Nevertheless, the company that you select should depend on what aspect of marketing you need help most. Being pre vetted, you’ll have to put your trust to Instagram and their experts.

Instagram has become one of the most powerful tools in gaining customer awareness. Any company that does not utilize this platform may be giving away very valuable customers to their partners. Check out Instagram advertising now and see how much it could help your company grow.

Watch this video by Facebook on how to use Instagram Advertising: