How to Use Social Media to Improve Email Marketing

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How to Use Social Media to Improve Email Marketing

Every digital marketer will agree: email marketing is essential to your business and brand. There are plenty of lists and tutorials on how to create an email list and how to grow your email list. There are also videos that compare the benefits of social media marketing and email marketing. But even with all that discussion, there’s not a lot information about using social media to improve email marketing.

On this article, you will learn different ways to have better email marketing practices and how to use social media in order to have more successful email marketing campaigns.

We’ll assume you already have a broad idea of email marketing, you even have a few subscribers already but have hit a plateau and you’re not getting any new ones. This issue can be solved with the help of social media, and the most popular social networks have even integrated some tools that can help you make this easier.

Social Media to Improve Email Marketing: Getting New Leads

So you’ve hit a plateau on your email list subscribers and it’s time to use other tools to solve that. How can you use popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook to get new emails list subscribers?

Both Twitter and Facebook have integrated tools to help you get email addresses easily, let’s review them:

Using Facebook to get New Email Addresses

The easiest way to get new leads on Facebook is through the Call To Action (CTA) button on your fan page.

There are a few ways to go about this. First, you could use a Facebook app to embed a signup form on a tab on your page. […] You can use Facebook Call to Action button to send people to a landing page.


The second option is as easy as it gets. Just click on the CTA button and choose “sign up”. Facebook will then ask you for a URL, that’s where you place your landing page.

Another way to use Facebook as a mean to get new email addresses is with your page’s short description:

You have the opportunity to share URLs in two places on your Facebook page. One of those is in the main website field for your page and the other is in your page’s short description. This is a great place to share the URL for your lead magnet.

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To get the most out of this option, keep in mind that Facebook only gives you 160 characters to make your description, so pick a short URL and text to go with it.

Using Twitter to get New Email Addresses

Just like Facebook, Twitter has integrated tools to help you get new leads. It’s called “lead generation card” and it will help you get subscribers without them leaving twitter, which will make it much easier for them.

You can use this option by going to the Twitter ads section.

And just like Facebook’s short description for your fan page, your Twitter bio can be a place to share your URL.

Other Tips for Using Social Media to Increase Email Marketing

You can still use other social network to improve email marketing, even if they don’t have integrated tools to do so.

Always keep in mind that for people to give them your email, you need to offers something in return. Many people use Instagram under this logic and do giveaways. They use an attractive picture showing the prize and then ask participants to subscribe to the mailing list that can be found on their bio.

You can also offer exclusive access and content for email subscribers which is another good practice to integrate your email marketing and social media. This can be done virtually on every social network with a good call-to-action button, text, shout-out  or even video.

Want to know more? This live stream on how to use social media to improve email marketing, covers some of the most common questions from regular people.