Why Email Listing is Essential for your Business

Alejandra VelazquezSEO

Why Email Listing is Essential for your Business

We’ve talked about the importance of content and social media on your online marketing campaign. Now it’s time to tell you a little secret: the most effective way to turn readers into paying clients is through email listing.

This is a no-brainer. Anyone would tell you how important it is to focus on building your email list from the start. Whether you are a blogger or a big company just starting in the world of inbound marketing. Email marketing is an essential part of your overall online marketing plan.

But why is email listing so important? What are the numbers that back our statement? And most importantly, how can you build your email list and turn your community into your most profitable clients?

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Why is Email Listing Important?

Online Marketing is not just one thing that magically works to make your business grow and more profitable. It takes a lot of effort from different fronts to make it work properly. So yeah, email marketing (and with it email list building) is very important, but it won’t work on itself. It needs, as usual, the help of great content and copywriting.

With that said, if done correctly, email marketing and your email listing can help you get more engagement, more traffic and more sales.

Statistically speaking, there’s not a better way to turn readers into clients than email marketing.

Studies suggest that 66% of online consumers in the US aged over 15 made a purchase as a direct result of marketing emails.


Source: Problogger

Email marketing has proven to be very successful at establishing a closer relationship with your market. It is also used with a direct sales pitch. What better way to introduce your newest product to your loyal fan base than telling them directly through email?

But in order to get the most of  it, you need to build your email list. This takes a little more time and effort but rest assure that it will pay out eventually.

Email listing will give you a big enough database of your potential clients. They agreed to give you their information, which means that they already like you enough to receive emails from you. Don’t waste that opportunity! Use that email list wisely and contact your clients only when you have something that they can use, they can engage with and find interesting.

Email Listing is important because:

  1. Gives you a direct link to your potential clients
  2. Helps you engage with your audience in a more personal way
  3. It has the highest rate of clients converting and monetizing of every other digital marketing strategy

But how do you build your email list? Is there a secret formula to go from 0 to 1000 emails in no-time?

As you can imagine, there are no secret formulas or magic tricks. It all depends on your content, smart use of social media and giving your audience a reason to give you their info.

How to build your first email list

Fortunately, as everything on Digital Marketing, there are a lot of people willing to share their tips and tricks and you can always count on that with us.

There are a few things that you should start with when it comes to building your first email list. It doesn’t matter how small your brand is, you should focus a little of your marketing efforts in emails marketing.

Don’t forget about content

It bears repeating: content is king. As long as you offer great, engaging content, your readers will appreciate a reminder to come back, will be more willing to give you their information and will fall in love with your brand.

Basically, everything begins with content. People will find your site because of your amazing content. They will keep coming back for amazing content. Your amazing content will be the foundation of what you email to them, which will be the reason they stay subscribed (or not.) It all starts with amazing content.


Call-To-Action as much as you can

You’d be surprise how much people are willing to do if you know how and when to ask them. Don’t be afraid to ask your readers to follow you on social media, to subscribe to your email list and to share your content.

It’s better if you find the way to ask them while they are browsing your content. Non-invasive pop-ups work great. Links on your YouTube videos and a simple line at the end of every blog post are good ideas too.

If you give your audience multiple ways to find out about your mailing list, chances are you’ll get more subscribers.

Give them something in return

Besides your great content, you should really consider give your readers something in return for their emails and subscribing to your email list. Depending on your niche, you can find innovative ways to offer a unique piece of content or something helpful for them. Ebooks, monthly giveaways, special access to content or offers, possibilities are endless, and people will really appreciate something they can benefit from.

Host events and webinars

This is one of the most effective ways to grow your email list. Free webinars are very much appreciated and you can just ask for their email as the admission fee (make it related to your niche, obviously).

Bottom Line

Take the time to set up an email list service. Email listing is essential to your business and is a direct line of communication with your clients. It will improve your monetization efforts and will grow your reader audience.

These are just a few simple but very effective tips to start. Rest assure that there are a lot more to do and to learn, just like anything on Digital Marketing, but don’t wait until you get “big enough” to start you email list.

Never stop creating great content, give your readers something useful in exchange for their email and a place in their inbox and you’ll see the benefits faster that you think.