How To Drive More Organic Traffic To Your Website

Alejandra VelazquezSEO

How To Drive More Organic Traffic To Your Website

So you’ve set up your website and you are creating amazing and engaging content, but now you need to get it to your audience, get those clicks and views and create a constant traffic to your site. There are essentially two ways of achieving this: organic traffic and paid traffic.

Paid traffic is pretty self-explanatory, is everything that you have to pay to make your website more available to possible readers and costumers. That’s the easy way to reach out and get views. But it’s not the point to be constantly paying to make that happen. You need organic traffic.

What is Organic Traffic

When people look for specific topics or keywords depending on their needs and get to your content, then you get organic traffic to your website. It means that you didn’t have to pay for it and it happened in a more natural way, because your content was solving someone’s question.

You may ask yourself why is this kind of traffic important to your business. First of all, it is logically more profitable for you for two reasons:

  1. It doesn’t involve an extra payment from you like ads or other ways to get traffic to your site.
  2. People that get to your site through an organic way, that is, through search engines, are more likely to invest and spend money on your products.

How do you get more organic traffic

There are several and ethical ways to make this happen, that would definitely work for your business. Keeping your SEO practices within the white hat spectrum is also something that you really want to consider and comply with. So here are some of the best strategies to get organic traffic to your site.

1. SEO – Optimize your website and your content

  1. The first thing you want to do is making your website more SEO friendly. According to Shout Me Loud, this is a must:

The best place to start is with On-site SEO. Make sure your site is not only indexable but also all important part is crawlable by Google bots…
It is important that you must take good care of Titles, Tags, URL, Descriptions, broken links etc. There are many things which must be taken care about when it comes to SEO.

2. Link Building

Link building is another SEO technique that can help you bring organic traffic to your website:

The best and easy ways to get link to your site is by Guest posting and blog commenting. Write content which are not only unique but also attract organic backlinks, which will help the most.


3. Be constant

This means that you should always bring new content to your website. Set up a schedule, write in advance and program your posts to make both people and search engines notice that you are actively posting interesting stuff.

4. Promote yourself

Through social media, you can promote yourself either in your own accounts or with a little help from other bloggers. Make your content easy to share and comment about and give the tools first-hand to do so, that is, make share buttons available in every piece of content that you create and post.

5. Be Creative

Look for creative and ethical ways to play with the algorithms and ways that Google and other search engines work. This next video es a great way to do so:

As long as you avoid unethical practices and make use of all the tools and techniques that out there, you should be able to get a fair amount of organic traffic to your website that would definitely improve your clients engagement and sales.