Content Marketing: Good Ideas and Bad Ideas

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Content Marketing: Good Ideas and Bad Ideas

There’s no doubt among most digital age entrepreneurs that content marketing is an essential tool to help your business grow and get more leads, sales and traffic. Virtually every freelancing site looks for content writers and managers because is a very popular trend and job, and because is practically mandatory to every company, whether is a small or a big one.

Content Marketing is a relatively new trend in online marketing that focuses on creating content to communicate with your audience in a very engaging way, through stories and interesting campaigns that get them closer to the story of your business and your company.

Does it work? You bet! Content marketing is a very successful way to improve your website traffic as it creates a reason for potential clients to, once they encounter your website, come back and visit often.

Content Marketing Good and Bad Ideas

But as anything, there are good and bad ideas when it comes to content marketing management. Here are some of the most common.

Good Idea: Have a Plan

When you start to think about content marketing, you should make a plan and ask yourself a few questions to make this process easier:

Why do you want to do it?
Who will be your target audience?
What is your business objectives?
Why do you want to achieve your goal?


Bad Idea: Forget the blueprints

Contrary to the previous, starting without a plan will make you forget the essentials of content marketing: knowing your audience and how to approach them.

This is a fatal mistake, because you depend solely on traffic and the time of potential clients that read your content. If you ignore a planning process, you will create content that makes no point, is not engaging and this kind of mistakes are harder to correct than to prevent.

Good Idea: Finding a Niche

There thousands of other websites and people competing out there for the same thing as you. What’s going to make you stand out?

Picking the right audience and niche will make your life easier, since it will give you also a guide of what type of content to create (writing, video, podcast, etc.) depending of what the usual audience for that topic likes the most. It will also give you an idea of the tone you should use to approach any communication: is not the same writing for an adult professional audience that making videos for young students.

As the marketing director at the content marketing agency Cedar said:

What are they [the customer] interested in and passionate about?, and what does your business have authority in? If a topic ticks both those boxes, it’s a good start.

The Guardian

Bad Idea: Ignore Promotion Outlets

There’s a reason why many companies spend just as much money creating content as promoting it. You can invest a lot of time and funds to create the most amazing content ever with unique insights and innovative ways to show it. But if you don’t realize that you need to promote it, nobody will notice it.

Use social media tools and SEO optimize everything to make your content count.

Good Idea: Research and Analysis

Always keep track of what’s working for other people and how’s everything going with what you have implemented and tried by yourself. If you don’t take your time to analyze your numbers, you won’t be able to understand where do you need to make changes and what’s working great and doesn’t need any tune ups.

Bad Idea: Assume you already know everything there is to know

Everything changes incredibly fast in this era. Specially digital tools are constantly changing and being updated. Keep in touch with the latest news and trends, innovate and change with everything and see what’s new. Learn from others and move around your niche.

This is a heavily competitive world and new stuff comes everyday. Keep in touch with the new rules and you should have the best content marketing practices always in hand.