Best Instagram Marketing Practices

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Best Instagram Marketing Practices

We have talked about the role of social media and marketing before. And  how some social media companies have created new features to increase sales. If you’re developing business online, you need to pay attention to Instagram marketing.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks to conduct business online. Whether if it’s creating a brand or conducting sales, Instagram is the go-place for many people, particularly millennials, to get a better idea not just of the products, but of the company itself.

It is now mandatory to have an Instagram profile for your company, but being successful in such a competitive social network requires you to follow certain practices in order to get followers and create social engagement.

This post will show you which are the best Instagram practices and what mistakes to avoid on Instagram Marketing.

Instagram Marketing

How To Run A Successful Instagram Marketing Campaign

As the “king of engagement”, Instagram holds a great potential of becoming one of your best allies on your marketing campaign. It also comes with a relatively low cost, making it a great way to engage with clients.

In order to enjoy what Instagram can offer, take notice and look for ways to really use its features.

Be Visual

Instagram is a almost just visual platform. This means you have to take amazing pictures.

Your Instagram feed is only as good as your photographs, so starting with high-quality photos makes your Instagram marketing more effective.

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Look for the best lightning, use photography special apps and take as many pictures as you can and pick the best one. Play with angles and if you can, develop a visual strategy.

Be constant, as much as you can, post everyday and pick one filter to use, so you can be consistent, too.

Become Visible

If you already have some followers on other media, let them know about your Instagram. Share your profile as much as you can without becoming a nuisance or creating spam.

You need to get as much followers as possible and within reason of your niche. Some followers will come because of your awesome content and consistency, but many of them need to be lured into following you.

Some of the tools on your hand can be engaging with potential followers, cross-referencing partners and sharing your Instagram profile on different social media and bios (like Twitter or Facebook posts, that you can also boost).

Another way to get more followers is by holding contests:

Running contests on Instagram can help further grow your audience, drive traffic to your website, and even help you sell product.


Don’t Ignore Your Community

As with most other social media platforms, Instagram is not a “set it and forget it” type of deal. It’s important to build relationships and make meaningful connections.


Be thankful with the people who follows you. Like their content. Leave a comment once in a while. Share what hey share with you. Perform Q&As whenever you can.

Use What Instagram Has To Offer

Instagram has a lot of features and if history has taught us anything, there are more things to come.

Use Instagram stories to engage with your followers. Don’t abuse hashtags but be bold enough to create your own one. Use your bio wisely.

Instagram is all about creativity, get creative!

Track Everything

Be analytic. Set realistic goals and try to achieve them. Use a link that you can track and place it in your bio. Be aware of your growth and try to figure out what’s working. Play around with hashtags and content.

Remember that Instagram requires for you to be active. If you follow some of these steps you will surely get results soon. Avoid practices like buying followers, abusing hashtags and ignoring your audience. And as always, try to keep in touch with the trends, like this video of the best Instagram Marketing practices of 2017.